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A Study of Aboriginal Teachers’ Professional Knowledge and Experience in Canadian Schools


This qualitative study, initiated by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation’s Advisory Committee on Aboriginal Education and funded by the Canadian Council on Learning, explores the professional knowledge and experiences of Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) teachers. Conducted by Verna St. Denis, Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan, the study seeks to address the urgent need to improve and promote Aboriginal education. The continuing goal of the study is to promote ongoing dialogue and learning about Aboriginal education within teachers’ organizations and the broader educational community.

Acting Sustainably, Living Peacefully


Acting Sustainably, Living Peacefully is a work in progress, literally and philosophically. No resource could capture the full breadth of the issues and concerns that underlie the themes of “Peace” and “Environment”. However, this resource opens a small window of possibilities on living sustainably and harmoniously. Future decision-makers will have the responsibility of ensuring equitable access to resources such as food and water, if we are to live in a peaceful environment. As teachers, we always strive to create opportunities to empower youth – now and with a view to the future.

Beyond Shadows


First Nations, Métis and Inuit Student Success

This publication addresses themes that emerged from the CTF July 2013 President’s Forum on First Nations, Métis and Inuit education. Strategies, programs and wise practices for wholistic Indigenous student success in Canada are highlighted and discussed using current research focusing on equitable education environments.

Challenging Silence, Challenging Censorship


This book is designed as a professional and practical resource to help educational leaders and policy-makers within K-12 teaching (teachers, administrators, counsellors and teacher librarians), together with public librarians and other community stakeholders, to learn more about how they can take action to challenge and positively change the educational conditions and social climate for BGLTT youth and for children from same-gender parented families.